PostNatal Care

After your baby is born – Postnatal Care

After your baby is born

Once your baby has arrived, you and your partner will be given plenty of time to get to know your new arrival. It’s exciting but you will be tired and your body will be recovering. There is also a lot to learn and do.

Our midwives will be able to show you the ropes and give you the confidence you need to start your journey through motherhood.

If all is well, you’ll spend a short while on our postnatal ward where we’ll help you get ready to go home and offer any advice – including physiotherapy advice, if you need it.

If your baby is born too small, too sick or too soon, he or she will receive specialist care in our neonatal intensive care unit,where we can care for babies born at 28 weeks’ gestation or later.

And if your baby is born later, at 34 to 36 weeks and is well, you can both be cared for in our transitional care unit so we can help your baby learn how to feed.